Set priorities for auto fill when multiple log ins available

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Multiple Email Priority

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I believe Bitwarden currently prioritises auto-fill on an alphabetic order, but would be good if there was a tick box to select your priority account to auto-fill on a website. i.e if you have multiple google accounts (work, personal, etc.) you can set which one will be the default auto-fill.

I know this can be done by disabling the autofill URL detection for the other accounts, but feel this will be easier and quite useful once paired with the already suggested overlay popup interface.

Thanks for the feature request and welcome to the community!

Just so you know, if you’re using the Bitwarden Extension and there are multiple logins with the detected URI, the last-used login will be used for the auto-fill operation. You can read more about how autofill currently works here if you’re interested.

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