Set browser extension so bottom toolbar is always visible

So recently I noticed that the bottom toolbar (Tab, Vault, Send, etc.) isn’t visible when the browser extension drops down. I have to grab the scrollbar and pull it down, so that “row” is visible.

Can we get this fixed so the bottom toolbar is always visible when the extension is dropped down? Or is there a way I can change the settings to accomplish this? I looked but did not find any way.

Is this Bug: Apr 12 FF browser plugin update 2024.3.1 not displaying properly the same thing, you experience?

BTW: I don’t have this problem. (Win 11, Brave, browser extension 2024.3.1 / now 2024.4.1)

Looks similar, though my browser extension doesn’t take up as much vertical space as the OP in that post.

It seems like with the latest update they set a fixed vertical dimension for vault categories (at the top) and several vault items (below it) and that dimension is about equal to the real estate that’s available to the drop-down itself, so the toolbar at the bottom gets hidden.

I am on Brave on Linux.