Select password text in login window

Feature name

  • Select the full password field…

Feature function

I would like Bitwarden to always select the full password field, so that any of my typing replaces whatever is there. This occurs at least two places:

  • When I open the Bitwarden extension (Firefox shown below, but I believe all browsers work the same), the password field has a yellow background, but I have to manually Delete all the characters there.
  • When I open the desktop app, and mis-type my password, I also have to manually Delete all the characters there.

In both situations, I would like Bitwarden to select the full password field so that I can type directly.

  • This makes entering a password more convenient.
  • I don’t believe there are any security issues - I would still be required to enter the correct password…



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Following up on my earlier query that didn’t receive a response:

Is there a better place to ask for an enhancement? Many thanks…

Hey Rich, this is the right place for voting and discussion!

Thanks for the speedy response. I’m curious - you say that this is a good place for discussion.

What’s the process for deciding when to make a change? And is there any argument against making this change?

Thank you again.

There is no specific timeline as implementing new features is a balance of security, maintenance and feature development. Bug reports on the other hand can be shared on Github, for example: Issues · bitwarden/clients · GitHub

It can take a little time for requests to build momentum, and ensuring the title and description encapsulate your request.

Thank you again for the response. I completely understand the process (and timeline) of idea → feature request → getting it on “the list” → actually implementing it, since I have worked at a small software company.

I will create a carefully formulated request on the Issues page at the Github repo.

Best regards,


Thanks! Sorry I had a typo in message above, change ‘but’ to ‘bug’, be sure to use Github issues specifically for bug reports, where a current feature is not behaving as intended according to help docs.

In this first scenario, I don’t understand why you would have any characters present in the password field. I haven’t used Firefox, but on Chrome, the password field is empty when the browser extension is opened in an unlocked state:


Since you’re apparently seeing hidden characters in the password field when you first open the Firefox browser extension from the locked state, what is revealed when you toggle the password visibility? Perhaps the browser’s native autofill function (or some other browser extension) is inserting a text string into the password field. You should investigate what is happening here.


P.S. FYI, the screenshot you posted revealed your email address (which is not a good idea on a public forum); I have revised your post to replace the screenshot image with a version that redacts your email.

Interesting… I did check the “eye” and see that there is text there. It may be a auto-generated password for one of my sites (I removed many of the characters in the screen shot).

This happens only on Firefox, and only on my “main driver” machine, not with Firefox on my backup laptop. So I will check to see if FF is trying to fill in passwords automagically.

(Thanks, too about the warning for email addresses in screen shots…)

Update: Yes, indeed. I unchecked this box in Firefox Preferences and the Bitwarden “Master Password” field no longer contains any text.


Glad I was able to help. Since the password shown in your screenshot may be a password for one of the accounts stored in your Bitwarden vault, you may want to look for it and change it to something different.

So, while the first use-case in your feature request turned out to be a red herring, the second use-case described in your Feature Request (highlighting of a rejected password) is identical to the use-case in an existing Feature Request:

Therefore, I will close your thread, and I suggest that you vote on the existing Feature Request linked above (and add a comment there, if desired).