Automatically select rejected password/PIN on unlock screen

This issue exists in the unlock vault page.

You usually want to retype the whole password when you mistype it.

Edit: I meant that the entire password should be highlighted, which does not currently happen for me in Chrome. This feature is present in most sign-in forms.

@9t8 Welcome to the forum!

It’s difficult to understand what you are asking for.

Are you suggesting that after mistyping your master password into the unlock screen, Bitwarden should highlight which portions of the typed text string were entered incorrectly, so that you don’t have to type the whole thing again (similar to a spell-check feature)?

Such a feature will never be implemented, for two reasons:

  1. It would create a huge security vulnerability, since it would help an attacker guess your password, if they have access to your device.

  2. It would be technically impossible to implement, because the Bitwarden app does not actually know what your master password is, so it has no way of determining which parts of what you typed were incorrect.

If you were requesting something different, please clarify your request.

Hi, I have clarified the request. The entire password should be highlighted so you do not have to manually delete the password after a rejection.

OK, I think I understand. You want Bitwarden to automatically select the text in the password/PIN entry field if the unlocking fails (i.e., the equivalent of typing the Ctrl+A shortcut to select all text in the field), is this correct? The existing behavior is to leave the cursor at it’s current position.

You are correct.

OK, that clarifies your Feature Request then. We can change the title and scope of your request, if you want broader visibility for your request (maybe “Automatically select rejected password/PIN on unlock screen”).

I frequently make typos, but if the entered password is rejected, I just toggle the password visibility and correct the few characters that were mistyped. I find this to be more efficient than clearing and re-typing the whole password.

As a work-around, you can use the Ctrl+A keyboard combination to highlight the contents of the password field.

You can modify the request if you want. I currently use Ctrl-A to select my password after a failure, since revealing the password is not really an option on a laptop in public.

OK, I revised the title (was :“Highlight Rejected Password in Browser Extension”), and changed the tag to app:all.