Search should also include folder names

The idea is I have around 100 folders with merely same login information in. And I want to quickly navigate across the desktop app with a search function, but with current search, I need to scroll through folder list.
It would be very helpful if search results would include folders as well.

I have a highly organised folder structure within Bitwarden and most of the logins share the same username , let’s take admin for example, therefore searching for the username isn’t ideal. Instead, I know what the username belongs to, essentially what the folder is entitled, and using the browser addon it’s tedious to navigate throughout the menu structure just to retrieve the login I need.

Take this example - the virtual machine that I run Bitwarden on is called BITW01 and it’s ssh login username is ‘administrator’ like all of my other virtual machines (of which I do have a lot of) so searching for ‘administrator’ in this case isn’t fruitful. Instead it’d be better to be able to search for BITW01 and return all logins below that folder.

Therefore I agree it’d be better to be able to search for the folder name.

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