Search in Autofill suggestions


I looked through existing requests – some similar, but not similar enough I think.
Coming from 1Password, looking for a feature that allows me to search within Autofill suggestions based on the Label or “Name” of the Vault Item.

For example, I imagine it like this:

  1. I navigate to
  2. I have 3 separate accounts for One labelled “Blue”, one labelled “Red”, and labelled “Green”
  3. If I start typing “Bl” into the form field, now only “Blue” is suggested autofill as “Bl” was a partial match on the “Blue” vault item. Would be similar if I typed “Re” for Red or even “e” would match all 3 results.

This is a very condensed example, but imagine a site where you have 10+ logins. Some credentials may have slightly different labels. 1Password lets me start typing directly into the username field of the website, the label of the item I’m looking for, and that is shown at the top of the list for suggestion. It does this for password field autosuggestion too, even though the characters you type in are visually masked

Presently, in Bitwarden, I need to scroll and scan with my eyes to find the item I’m looking for. Can be annoying for sites with a lot of accounts. No separate icon or button needed to “invoke” the search, just start typing