Search and Copy from Notes Field

Currently on the mobile app, you can’t select text in the notes field when you are viewing an entry. I like to keep things like account numbers in the notes field of a website login (or CC numbers, etc…). I imported from Keepass and don’t have custom fields set up at this point, and sometimes it’s just easier to put things in notes anyway.

This feature request is simply to enable the ability to select text within ios in the notes section so I can click “copy.”

The workaround for now is to EDIT, then select, then copy. A lot more clicks is all.


+1. This’d works be a great feature and such a time saver. I rarely need to copy the entire note. It’s also a security risk copying the entire notes if there are a lot of sensitive information there.

Ideally make it an option so people can default to one option or the other

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+1 saving Time !

+1 from me. But I don’t have votes left… :confused:

Yes, please implement this. I add numerous questions/answers to the notes section and it’s a huge inconvenience when I’m unable to copy from the notes in the iOS app.

(Couldn’t get to copy from the Edit screen either).


I didn’t even realize that this is not possible on iOS (writing from my iPad). :open_mouth:
Mostly use secure notes for license keys on my desktop, which brought me here. Being an iOS power user I‘ll join you and demand a copy button on top of that (for all apps). Every field has it, except for the notes field. Why… WHY, I ask? :upside_down_face:

+1 for this feature again to bump this !

I would really like to see this

For specific information I find it best to create a new custom field and save things like security questions and their answers (which you should never answer truthfully) in there. Then you generally won’t find a need to copy from the notes field.


Same problem here. I save lot of info in various notes. It is cumbersome to copy anything from note without clicking on edit first.
I used to be able to copy from notes in Dashlane effortlessly.
In BW, I first have to click on edit> then it throws me to bottom of the note. After several failed attempts where it keeps throwing me to bottom of the note section, I can manage to select the text.
There has to be a provision to copy text right when we are viewing the note.

In the iOS app, I can use the Copy Note function to copy an entire Secure Note. But if I want to copy one string of text in the Note, I have to click Edit first. This presents two issues: 1) The way the app works, as soon as you select a part of the note to start the copy, it jumps to the bottom of the note. It’s very tricky to even select the text to be copied. 2) It’s very risky to edit a note, and start copying text (especially in a mobile app where there is less control) as text can inadvertently be altered.

Thanks for considering this change.

Yes, I would like to have the ability to select & copy part of the note, instead of go to edit mode. There is no undo in bitwarden. So, if I select edit mode and screw up without me noticing, I’d lose the content. That is very undesirable.

I think everyone with a iOS/iPhone devises would agree with me.

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I had a workaround on this since I am unable to copy note from iOS without “editing”.
What I did was to move the field that I want to be copy to customer fields, in place of “Note”. So, I have to create a lot of custom fields. Not very convenient but it would do the job.