Coalesce login entries and notes, and generalize to multiple fields that can be copied to clipboard

Once one password manager decided to have separate types of entries for logins and secure notes, so did everybody. And I think that was not a good thing.

Now the user has to decide ahead of time which type of entry to use. A lot of things aren’t clearly one or the other. Sometimes we need a big secure note, but we also want to use some parts of it to fill in on a website. Other times we do need a login entry for autofill, but really we also want to store a lot of text with it.

It overloads the average brain, including mine, to decide which type of entry is needed ahead of time.


If the password field is non-empty, allow the entry to act like a login entry. Otherwise it’s just a secure note. Any secure note becomes a login entry by adding a password (and presumably domain and username). If the domain and username are missing, it’s still a login entry, and the password will be automatically pasted when the user clicks on autofill.

Everything else works the same way.

And while we are doing this, let’s have the usual login and password fields, and then any number of additional fields that can be copied to the clipboard with a single click. The number of such additional click-to-copy fields should be limited only by storage (at least for paid accounts).

Such additional fields are very useful for storing things like account numbers, answers to secret questions, email addresses, etc. I often find myself doing a manual select-and-copy-and-paste when it would be so much easier to copy a field with a single click.

Cross-reference: Copy from Notes Field.