Save login info upon account creation (and password change?)

I did not see a prompt to save login details when I signed up to this forum. Lastpass would ask to save login details upon account creation, rather than only upon login, as appears to be the case with Bitwarden.

Currently I open a Notepad to paste both username and password to so I can copy them into the login form once I have signed up. Is there a better way to do this in Bitwarden?

Also, I just reset a password on a Nextcloud site, but was not prompted to save the new password until I logged in again. Lastpass would prompt to save this new password upon change.

There is! First put all credentials into Bitwarden, then use this to sign up and/or to log in.

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Unless that’s a joke can you recommend a password manager that works? I hoped this would replace lastpass, but between this and not working properly on a phone it’s not ready for release yet.

Why should this be a joke? By doing it this way you can always be sure that your credentials actually made it into Bitwarden; no matter if your computer froze or crashed, if the internet connection got lost or the web server timed out.


This entails an extra mouse click and an extra hotkey press, and if your password isn’t strong enough you will have to modify it until it is. But perhaps it may work with the correct password settings. I’ll try it out. Thanks.

I occasionally experience it the other way round: I have set up the options within the Password Generator to create very strong passwords. But in rare cases a new website or app just does not accept this and wants a weaker password.