What is the easiest method to add logins for new accounts?

What is the easiest method to add logins for new accounts? For example, to sign up for this forum I:

  1. entered my email address in the signup form
  2. copied my email address to clipboard
  3. opened Notepad
  4. pasted it to Notepad
  5. opened Bitwarden
  6. generated and copied a password
  7. pasted my password into the signup form
  8. clicked enter
  9. went to my email to look for confirmation email
  10. clicked that button
  11. logged out of the forum
  12. clicked the login button
  13. pasted my password (which was still in the clipboard)
  14. copied and pasted my email address from Notepad
    THEN Bitwarden asked to save my login info. : /

What is your method for adding login info for new accounts?

Edit: I just realized that I have asked this before. Mods, if you think this post is not sufficiently different or new feel free to delete.

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I find it the easiest to first save the login in BW and then paste to the signup form. It is the fastest method I could come up with. The worst thing that happened (actually more than once) was, that the password was too long. But a new password is generated very quickly.


Yes, I will try this. Thanks.

It is also the safest way because, by doing it this way, if the computer crashes you already have the credentials stored in Bitwarden and can setup the login when the computer is working again.

If people do it the other way round then there is the possibility of setting up a login which doesn’t get saved in the password manager, because the computer crashed before it could be saved.

This may seem strange to those who have used inferior password managers, but it is logical.


Ha, yeah, a password manager with fewer features is superior. /s

But the process you describe is, technically, less fallible.