Safari Extension missing (again)

For some reason, the Bitwarden extension has disappeared again. This happened twice earlier this year. Anyone else notice this problem today?


I will check later when I get on my mac.

Safari extension still missing from Safari 15.2/macOS Monterey (12.1)

Having the same issue right now too. Safari 15.2, Big Sur 11.6.2

Was able to fix it with the terminal command in this post:


Thanks! This worked.

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I had the same problem and what worked for me is Onyx by Titanium Software from what Bitwarden explained to me is that when upgrading Safari the Extension installed list is corrupted and they are aware of it and working on it but that was 2 months ago. Onyx repairs it when maintenance is run. If you choose this route just make sure you get the correct version for your operating system version. And best of all it is a free of cost! I tried the terminal command and at least for me it caused more problems then I had.