Safari extension. How can I extend height of the widget UI?

How can i extend height of the widget UI? It is too small for me.

UPD: My technical specification
Safari: Version 15.1 (17612.
MacOS: Monterey 12.0.1

Thanks for your reply. It is awesome that’s it not just me. Let’s see if we get any help here.

@jprosadoDE in March, we changed the Safari extension from an app extension to a web extension - which was a large fundamental change in how it works and is displayed within the browser.

Part of that change was the UI (the badge color, and window size) are controlled by the available Web Extension APIs.

We have the feedback captured on the height, but there is a webkit issue that is causing us to be limited to a 440px “square” popup at the moment. Hopefully we’ll be unblocked soon :+1:

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PROBLEM: There are some websites that I visit that have more than a few possible logins. Since the dropdown list from the UI is fixed length, I have to hit the scrollbar on it to sometimes get to the login (or cards or identities) I want to select. This also is a problem with the viewing area for notes being small.

SOLUTION: Make the dropdown length longer, resizeable or configurable in settings.