Safari Bitwarden extension memory leak

I keep having to restart safari because of the memory leak it reached around 2gigs of memory, and here is the current memory usage in the screen shot from just running for a couple hours.

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I reported the same problem here on Reddit:

It seems to be a known issue, but no evidence it is being tackled: Safari: high memory usage · Issue #1770 · bitwarden/browser · GitHub

I can confirm this issue is affecting me as well. Bitwarden will often climb to 1gb of RAM on my 8GB m1 before I have to kill safari, wait for Bitwarden to be killed and relaunch safari

Having the same issue. Safari will climb to 10-12GB RAM usage after a few hours. Most of the RAM is used by “cached web content”, and it’s a much bigger problem when the Bitwarden extension is running. With Bitwarden disabled, Safari will only consume 5-7GB RAM under similar conditions.

Same for me. Bitwarden Extension allocates a lot of memory. Can we do something?

please fix it

I am running Bitwarden on three macs with the latest version of Safari and have never noticed this issue.

Out of curiosity, is everyone using the latest release of Bitwarden from the App Store, or are you using an old release of BW and/or Safari? Is anyone self hosting instead of storing their vault on Bitwarden servers?

I have noticed that, over time, Bitwarden seems to take more and more RAM. As of this writing, the Bitwarden client – I’m not using the plug in at all – is sitting on 708MB of RAM. This seems absurd to me, given the relatively lightweight nature of the application.

Is there a known cause for this? Is there a known way one can reduce its memory footprint?

I am not using a plugin. I am referring here to the memory usage of the Bitwarden client ITSELF. It was inappropriate to merge this with an unrelated report, David.

As noted, I’m using Bitwarden 1.31.3 (2320).

My apologies - I have re-opened your original thread here: