Excessive memory usage (Bitwarden 1.31.3 (2320) on MacOS 12.3)

I have noticed that, over time, Bitwarden seems to take more and more RAM. As of this writing, the Bitwarden client – I’m not using the plug in at all – is sitting on 708MB of RAM. This seems absurd to me, given the relatively lightweight nature of the application.

Is there a known cause for this? Is there a known way one can reduce its memory footprint?

NB I am NOT referring to the Safari plug in. I do not use the plug-in. It is not enabled.

Hi @Chet - is this on Mac Intel or M1 architecture?

M1 Macbook pro.

Same problem here: Bitwarden is using 1.7 GB RAM on my M1 MB Pro.

On my MacBook Air (M1) w/macOS 12.3.1, I’m using both the Bitwarden desktop app (v1.33.0 (2645)) and Safari extension (v1.58.0). Bitwarden Safari Web Extension is using up 1.49GB of memory.

Hey everyone, this issue is beeing tracked on Github here. For anyone experiencing this issue, are you using lots of tabs?