Request passwords from non-Bitwarden users

Hello! IT consultant here. There are many situations where I have to log in as a user or log into their environment that requires me to request login information from them. In an ideal world they would all be using Bitwarden already but the reality is many of them still think their monitors are their “computers” and turning off their monitor is turning off their computer. Asking them to set up an account would be a major life change for them (haha)!

I would love a feature in Bitwarden where I could do this securely. For example, I start a “Bitwarden Request”, choose how many passwords they should be providing, I pick which folder I want the information to be added to in my Bitwarden, and it generates a link I share with the customer. Then when they click the link they’re asked to input the username, password, title, and notes and click submit… then the information is added to my Bitwarden vault automatically. Not sure if any of this is possible while maintaining Vault security and privacy but this would be a killer feature if it could be implemented.


Ahh, so a “phishing rod”?   :smiling_imp:

Hello @980Pro - welcome to the Bitwraden community. And thanks for submitting your feature request.

Based on your use case, it sounds like you need something like Cryptpad Forms - you might want to check out the project while you wait to see if your request gains any traction.

You can try the system on the public instance here:

Great tool as provided by David.

I’ve also come across the situation in some instances with support for those who are not currently on our password manager.
Currently there is a similar feature request open, feel free to send a vote that way. It’s something I hope will eventually be implemented as well.

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This would indeed be a great BitWarden feature, and make life easier.

Is there a feature request for the opposite - the ability to send a link to an existent password entry in the vault to a non-bitwarden user?

Send seems entirely unequipped for this, since I have to manually copy crdentials into it, so if those credentials update, they aren’t reflected in the send, and I don’t want to invite people to my organization if I only want to share one password temporarily with them.

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@rokejulianlockhart Yes, improved credential sharing is in planning. The relevant Feature Request thread is here:

Not sure to what extent this will support sharing with individuals who are not Bitwarden users, but if you review the linked thread, perhaps you will find some relevant discussion there.

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Similar to the “Send” feature, where you can send your password to someone who has that link, I would like to have a similar feature that allows you to generate a link that external users can open and enter their password there so they can securely share their passwords with me as a Bitwarden user.

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Request passwords from non-Bitwarden users - #7 by grb

Has that post been deleted, @grb? It sends me to


It seems the above link to the “Vault Item Sharing” feature request was corrupted somehow. It should work now, or you can try this one: