Receive files into my vault from non-Bitwarden users [Send]

I’m so stoked that the Send feature is here, massive thanks to the dev team!

A suggestion to level this feature up beyond all the QoL requests like the ability to hide email in the send and the ability to send password entries without having to copy&paste, I’d love it if we were able to Receive files into our vault.

In circumstances where we need to request a sensitive file from a client, our current solution is to send them a 1-page document with instructions on how to .7zip the file with encryption and a password, relying on third-party apps and the client’s ability to install the app on their work computer.

Being able to generate a file receive request link with a password that we can send to clients would for them to simply upload the file would be a game changer.

Thanks again for your tireless work, dev team!

Thanks for the feedback! We agree this is a good idea :sunglasses: - hopefully more to come soon!

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Request files from other people

Feature function

  • It would be nice to have a feature similar to Dropzone in SendSafely. This feature works similar to the Bitwarden Send feature.
  • The dropzone will allow users to request files from external users securely. It shall have an OTP validation before sending the file to the requestor.
  • The dropzone shall have flexible access controls and multiple users must have access to it. It works like a shared folder/repository
  • Shall have a policy for file retention.

Advantages to Bitwarden

  • Bitwarden shall become an one stop shop for password management and secure file transmission. This would speed up enterprise adoption and attract more users.
  • For example, in my company we uses a combination of Keeper Security and SendSafely. If Bitwarden has the above feature then we can replace both these systems with Bitwarden.

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Excellent write-up!

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It would be great if the recipient would be able to use the text or file option to upload to the secure send URL that was provided to them by the sender using the Send functionality.

It would also be awesome if non users could also send secured notes. Often times I need to obtain passwords from clients and I don’t want them sending the messages through email.