Request password reprompt for notes

There should be an option for notes that allows the user to master password protect any notes you want to keep secret. I know LastPass had this.

This would be nice for credentials too. For certain credentials, relying on a PIN code (or even leaving the device unlocked) may be unsuitable such as bank credentials, but at the same time having the convenience of lower security access on the device for other passwords is handy.

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The option of a password reprompt for Secure Notes would certainly make them more secure.

+1 for this as a user thinking of switching from dashlane premium to bitwarden premium.

Would be nice for things that are sensitive but dont necessarily fit into exising types of things to keep in the vault like two factor backup codes

I’m not convinced this is true.
The only situation where this would increase security is if you never lock your vault on a personal computer (which you should do).

If someone gets hold of your password, it doesn’t matter how many times they have to enter it, they will always be able to access your information