Option to force user to re-enter master password for certain user accounts

I migrated from lastpass a few months ago, and became a paying customer of bitwarden (which is pretty rare for me, seeing I’m a poor college student) because I liked the service and project so much. I really like what you guys are building here, but one of the big features I’m missing from lastpass is the option of forced authentication to view certain vault items.

For example, say I wanted to be extra cautious with my google account password. In order to view, change, or autofill the item, I would need to enter my master password to re-authenticate - without requiring complete login, since you’re still in the vault. This was useful for high security items, and I previously used it for accounts I’d consider key - my bank password and the password to my primary email account. This way, if someone, somehow, gets access to my computer, they won’t be able to get the credentials to those accounts.

This obviously brings the benefit of extra piece of mind, and allows higher security for essential vault items.

Looks like this feature has already been requested: Require master password "re-prompt" for some items

Ah, I didn’t see that. My forum search query included “relogin”, but I must’ve not included “re-prompt.” Thanks for letting me know that it’s already been requested.

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