Publish a secondary copy of the Bitwarden browser extension to allow use two logins at the same time

I know that Bitwarden introduced the Account Switching feature and will release it in January 2024, which is great!..

But it actually doesn’t make usage of two Bitwarden logins a lot easier!

Because users will still have to manually switch between their two accounts many times per day to log in to different websites using their first or second account (or even third).

For example, a user has a personal account and a corporate account, or two corporate accounts (if they work for two companies). And every time to log in to a corporate account on a website - they will need to open Bitwarden extension and switch to the corporate account, then after a minute - switch back to their personal account to log in to another website using their personal account, and repeat this ritual dozens of times per day!

The easiest solution to resolve this problem and make use of two Bitwarden accounts simultaneously is to publish a secondary copy of the Bitwarden browser extension!

Just publish the same extension to the Firefox and Chrome stores with a different name like “Bitwarden Secondary” and a slightly different icon. Just a one-hour task. And that’s it!

So, users will be able to simply install two Bitwarden extensions into a browser, log in to the first one via their first account, and to the second one - with the second.

With this approach, they will be able to use both accounts at the same time (even with autocompleting from both ones), without spending time to switch between accounts multiple times per day.

And if this approach will be really popular (you will see it via the number of installs) - publish the “Bitwarden Tertiary” too.

Please, consider this approach and make the lives of your users easier!

Wouldn’t the two extensions conflict with each other when auto-filling (e.g., using Auto-fill on Page Load, In-Line Auto-fill, or Ctrl+Shift+L)?

Would conflict, but as a workaround we can enable auto filling on one and disable on another. And use a popup window to fill.

Anyway, it’s better than switching accounts dozens of times :wink:

Due to the limitations of being signed into multiple BW accounts as well as not being able to sign into multiple accounts for the SaaS platform my company runs, I have to resort to a convoluted system. My daily setup has me running multiple monitors, then multiple Google Chrome profiles (so I can both different extensions as well as simultaneously logged-in extensions).

Then if I had to get really crazy, I also ran Google Chrome and Google Chrome Dev so that I could essentially open multiple instances of Chrome without them conflicting with each other.

If I could simplify that hotmess even a little with BW offering a second install, that would be wonderful.

Honestly though, I feel like there would not be enough user demand to warrant a second extension release. Objectively, I’m sure the bulk of users will be comfortable with the profile switching feature… as much as I hate to say it, I’m usually an outlier on these advanced/power user features.

I voted for both because I think either solution would be an improvement on the current state of browser extension which makes it impossible to use multiple accounts in parallel, but I feel this older thread would be a better solution:

Just allow me to sign in to multiple accounts at the same and have them all merged in the vault tab with maybe a small icon to identify which account the data is coming from.