Multiple Accounts for Browser Extension

It would be nice if the Bitwarden Browser Extension supported multiple accounts. When you have a private Bitwarden and one from work on the same laptop/ PC, it’s annoying since you can only be logged in into one account.

I’d like if there is also an option where you can choose if you want the passwords to merge (show both private and work passwords) or if you just want to switch the account that shows the data.

This is not about just the account switching like this feature request:

It’s about you having multiple accounts and don’t have to switch

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The feature you are describing exists, and it is called an Organization.

Is this what you’re looking for?

I see commits on github relating to this so maybe December ??

@DoctorB No, he specifically clarified that he was not requesting account switching. He wants to share work credentials with a personal account and vice versa, which you could do using an organization.

I’m aware of that feature, and it’s practical for just a few orgs/ if I’m a manager of an org/ … But if I’m just a normal user, I can’t add my personal account to an organization. As well, it’s impractical if the work account has access to many organizations or changing organizations.

In my case, I have a personal account (self-hosted) for my passwords and a work account (self-hosted) for work related passwords. At work, we have a lot of organizations (100+) since these are structured by projects that a user only has access to passwords he explicitly needs.

In this situation, it would be really practical if I can access passwords from both accounts at the same time without switching accounts/ browser/ browser profile/ …