Prompting the user on Cancel so changes are not lost, and "Modified" indicator while editing

Currently, if we enter edit mode and change something, we can Cancel without being reminded that something was changed. For those of us who are a bit absent-minded, this can cause loss of an important change that we made but forgot about.

This can be avoided by Bitwarden always prompting us if we made any modification and then hit Cancel.

Fortunately, implementation is quite easy. Upon entering edit mode, Bitwarden can generate a secure hash of the entire entry being edited – this would take only a few milliseconds and a few library calls. When we hit Cancel, Bitwarden recalculates the secure hash and compares the old and new values.

So this is would be low-effort change with significant payback.

The hash code can also be recalculated whenever the user pauses typing for a while. This will allow a “modified” indicator to be shown so the user always knows if any modifications have been made. And as a nice bonus, if the user makes a change then undoes it, the “modified” indicator automatically goes off. No need to track individual edits – the hash code handles it.

Text can be hashed in chunks for a more efficient “modified” indicator. So the hash code need only be recalculated on the paragraph being currently edited.

Prompting the user so as not to lose changes is such a standard function in software that Bitwarden will have to add it sooner or later. So please make it sooner.