PROMPT Confirming ANY Changes, TOTP Key Changes

Feature name

  • PROMPT Confirming ANY Changes
  • TOTP Key Changes

Feature function

  1. PROMPT Confirming ANY Changes
  • I find it easy to change the TOTP Key, or manually changing the password
    after clicking SAVE, no prompt that there have been changes.
  • When we regenerate password, we get a prompt to confirm the changes. With this feature it will ask for a prompt on ANY Changes.
    -Changing Username, TOTP, URI etc.
    -This will also help to avoid unintentional and unknown keypress made during opening a vault item.
  1. TOTP Key Changes
  • I find it easy to change the TOTP Key
  • When we enter TOTP ,before SAVING, include a confirmation that the code generated is correct just like on winAuth.

google provide auth Key then ask for generated OTP
On winAuth we apply the auth Key from google then provide a generated OTP if it is correct (google accepted the OTP and saves the auth Key) it will be saved on win Auth

On Bitwarden, we add the auth key from google then shows a generated otp and another button on confirming that the OTP generated is correct.

  • Hide TOTP Key just like on password to avoid capturing of TOTP key when we access vault item in public and on during emergency.
    OTP Key is visible when viewing an app vault.
    I purchased a premium because of the TOTP Key, it is important to me that it is also treated as passwords.

Thank you so much.

Hello @Manual - welcome!

Thank you for submitting your feature request. I am curious, however, which Bitwarden app/client this refers to? Most people work from the browser extension and/or the mobile apps, and for those clients, you can’t modify any items in Bitwarden unless you explicitly go into Edit mode.

Hi David, On Web Vault, when you try to press any key on totp or on password, and click save, there is no prompt that asks user for confirmation to save changes, i am using Brave Browser.

OK, thanks. You had tagged all apps for this request, so I will change that to just the web vault (app:web).

Note that you might consider using one of the other Bitwarden clients, if possible, since they force you into edit mode before any changes can be made.