Prompt for master password to unlock on password usage (or browser start)

Hi, i use the browser plugin for firefox.
I use the option to lock my fault by restart the browser.

Is there a way that the master passwort come in foreground when i start the browser or when the first login where needed ? (like the firefox internal passwort-vault)

I’d like this too! At least, give us a kind of a workaround that the Bitwarden menu would be open when Firefox start and Bitwarden is locked.

Thank you in advance!

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+1 for this, I would definetly like to have this option

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Yes please. Would like the option to set a “Master Password” prompt every time i open my firefox browser please?.

This way, if anyone else opens my firefox browser, then Bitwarden asks for the password before sites can be logged into automatically.

thank you

Yes! It is quite jarring to hit the autofill shortcut and get nothing (I’m still in the “evaluation” stages for whether I want to pick Bitwarden as a permanent LastPass alternative, so I momentarily lose faith in its ability to find password fields). Having it bring up a prompt for the master password would make the experience feel so much more polished.