Problem with Vault going into lock

I am using the BW extension with the Chrome browser and S.O Win10.

It is happening to me that despite having the following settings:

Vault timeout → “When browser restarts”
Action timeout vaul-> “Block”,

the same happens that, after a certain time (I think random), the vault goes into lock after having already unlocked it when the browser is started and I have to unlock it again by entering the master password: what can this depend on?

Today I encountered the aforementioned problem after many hours that I had the browser open with the vault unlocked and then suddenly the vault went into lock.


Although very infrequent I have had the same issues as well. I am running BW extension (updated) on FF on Linux Desktop. Never happens on my Android (not ever). I’ld say this happens maybe twice a month. Never pursued it because “lock” is not a big deal compared to a full logout on my end (longggggg master password, LOL).

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