Problem with changing password for a site

After storing a site’s username and password in my vault, a problem arises when I later want to change the password.

When I access the password change page, the “new password” and “confirm new password” fields are automatically filled in with the old password and I have difficulty replacing the old password with the new one for both the site and the vault.

How can I solve this problem?


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You probably have Auto-Fill turned on, Settings>Options and turn it off. Then change the password on that site, then go in and turn the auto-fill back on. I notice that the Auto-Fill feature is off by default and it warns you that it is a Beta feature and experimental.

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I disabled the automatic remission, but the login user name field compared to the one present in the password change page, are considered differently from Bitwarden, therefore, at the end of the procedure I find myself a second site saved in Bitwarden: the first site , the one already saved, with a user name equal to my nike name, and the second, the one saved with the password change, with my email address as user name.

The login and password change screens are as follows:


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Check the URI on both of the accounts that have been saved in Bitwarden. If they are different, that might explain why BW has saved a new account. As well as checking the URIs, check the match detection for each one.


Yes, change the URL and as already reported the username is different.

One way to solve the problem is to change and save the new password inside the vault for the first URL (the one existing in Bitwarden with the old password) and then paste it in the page related to change password, but then, when I am asked to save the password in Bitwarden, I have to answer “NO”; in this way I avoid creating a second site saved in Biwarden.

I don’t know if there are better procedures to change the password when a site is already saved in Bitwarden: suggestions about it?

Thanks so much!

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Unless I am greatly misunderstanding the issue…

I feel that you are making this much harder than it has to be. I would temporarily record whatever the current login credentials are for that site, and then delete both saved versions. Then log in to that site again and save when prompted.

If you have to change the password again and the Auto-fill function fills in the new password fields, then simply click on the fields and erase what BW filled. Then enter in your desired new password. Just because BW filled them automatically, doesn’t mean you have to accept those.

Alternatively, when changing your password, you can use BW’s generate password function and copy and paste the new password in both places.

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I run into this problem before, too. What happens is that the change password website has a different URL than the main site, so it gets recorded as a new site. The only fix would be to set up equivalent domain to tell the password manager that the two different URL are the same. Some vendors may actually preemptively add the equivalent domain to resolve these issues.

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There is also a problem of a different screen between the login screen and the password change screen; in the login one we have only two fields: the user name field which is the same as my nik name, and that of the password; instead in the password change screen, the user name field, equal to my nick name, cannot be changed and the email field is interpreted by BW as user name and is overwritten (see my previous screenshots). It can be solved with one of the methods suggested by Toons, even if the copy / paste of the new password, for security, should be avoided.


If you know you’re going to change the password before logging in to the site, open your vault and click the edit pen. Then change the password and select SAVE at the bottom. When you do that, BW keeps track of how many password changes you make and when you click on the number below, it shows the chosen password and corresponding date.

That seems much easier than what you are trying to do.


OK, but I always have the problem that in the password change screen, the username field, same as my nickname, cannot be changed and the email field is interpreted by BW as username and is overwritten (see my previous screenshots ), then I will have to re-enter the email address in the relevant field; to get around this problem too, I have to insert the new password with copy / paste (not very secure) and not with autofill.

At the following link there is a tutorial where he inserts the new password with copy / paste (not very secure):


The problem, at least with Bitwarden, also arises, when I have to change the password already stored in Bitwarden … often, I have a single mask with in the order, three fields: “Old password”, “New password” and “Confirm new password” …

… in this case, I go to Bitwarden, generate the new password (the old password, Bitwarden stores it in the history), launch the autofill and the aforementioned three fields, including the one with the old password, are ALL populated with the new password … then with the copy / paste (NOT the autofill) in the “Old password” field, I paste the old password stored in the Bitwarden history …

…in this way, I use the Bitwarden autofill to generate a new password that modifies the existing one and I use the copy / paste for the old password … it is a somewhat cumbersome method, but I could NOT find a better solution. … and in any case I have NOT always been able to apply this method … :frowning: :frowning:

…do you have better solutions about it?

Thank you very much!

I wrote how I changed a stored password to a new one.