Private mode with Chrome browser

With Chrome browser, using, for greater security, the “private mode”, is it possible to still be able to use the BW extension or other alternative method?


There is a setting in chrome.
Go to chrome://extensions/ look for “Allow in incognito” under details for Bitwarden.

There is not better security by using incognito mode, only that no data is stored for your session.

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OK, so the alternative is to get a good antivirus? :wink:


I would say yes, that is definitely one measure, there are several other depending on what you’re trying to mitigate. Obviously unique and secure passwords for online services is another.

OK, for security I’m trying to enter passwords using autofill and NOT copy / paste of BW, but when I have to make a change to the password already stored in BW, sometimes, I have difficulty … see link …


The privacy mode only increases your privacy and does not increase your security. In Chrome, there is an option to enable the extension in privacy mode. You can set it up for example to not have the password manager show up in privacy mode. You may do this for example if you prefer to browse the web in privacy mode when you don’t want to log into anything. Keep in mind that even privacy mode does not prevent tracking.

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The way I change password is like these steps

  1. Go to password change, and let bw fill current password
  2. Right-click in the new password field, and select bw to generate a new password/copy to clipboard.
  3. Paste the password, and hit Save
  4. The bw browser extension should detect the change, and offer to update the password.
  5. If #4 does not work I go manually and update the item.

There is a setting to clear passwords from the clipboard if you are concerned to have it hanging around there for too long. By default it seems to not clear passwords from clipboard.

There is a potential risk of a password in the clipboard, but “something bad” looking at your clipboard would also need to know the context. There is an arbitrary string, but without context it does not make sense.

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I had also thought about your method, but I wanted to avoid copy / paste and use the autofill also to change the password … a method similar to yours:

… but In the absence of alternatives for changing the password, I set in BW:

Settings → Options → Clear clipboard, I choose 10 sec

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Nice video, I have used this approach also, I like it better compared to what I described earlier. I agree also to LP being a mess :slight_smile:

For further protection you could use the “salt”,

but at this point, for important passwords such as banking ones, it is better to write them only on a sheet and hide it in a hard to find place, without using the password manager?

Thanks for sharing, good to know and this could be an idea for selected passwords - I had not thought of this option before even though it sounds so obvious :slight_smile:

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