Private key management for nostr accounts

Feature name

  • Nostr account manager

Feature function

  • Allow users to easily switch between different nostr accounts in web clients and Android/iOS apps.
  • Do not have to copy paste private key when changing account.

Related topics + references

What is nostr? GitHub - nostr-protocol/nostr: a truly censorship-resistant alternative to Twitter that has a chance of working

Popular clients and apps:, Amethyst,.
Damus provides this functionality but it is not a password manager.


Hi, how are you?

I would think this feature would be interesting and would work on bitwarden web and mobile version (android, ios). Managing keys nostr through the browser extension in my view is trivial, unless there is a direct option in the cloud and in mobile locally separately as you suggest here.

I added this request here to be merged: Bitwarden Should Expand Its Social Media Prescence (Odysee, Mastodon, Fediverse, etc.), Additional item types (pre-defined), Hidden Services

what do you think of this idea?


Nostr login support could be a useful service for nostr users, and it could provide Bitwarden with a unique opportunity for growth.

Unlike centralized services like Twitter, Fb, Odyssey etc. nostr is a protocol, and “log in” takes place via nostr keypairs and not platform specific username + password. These are portable.

The simplicity of the nostr protocol enables endless possibilities in micro-apps, complementing and/or competing with each other, enabling network effects of network effects. You can take your keys, and data with you from app to app.

@kspearrin for Bitwarden this means that you can enable support for tens, hundreds, thousands etc. of micro-apps, and apps by simply implementing NIP-07, which is the sign in with nostr NIP (nostr implementation possibility).

Example micro-apps that use NIP-07 for log-in:

Example implementation of NIP-07 browser sign-in extension: nos2x


I use dozens of different Nostr tools and micro apps every day. I know that I would personally feel safer having my Nostr private key managed by my Vaultwarden installation and my Bitwarden extension when browsing the Nostr protocol over using any other extension that I already use, such as Alby or nos2x. My social graph deserves to be protected by an industry standard security vault.


This would be very cool and beneficial to both bitwarden/vaultwarden users and nostriches out there!


Would be a truly amazing feature. Long time nostr and bitwarden user here. The two projects share very similar philosophies, IMHO


I use nostr apps on a daily basis. I use Bitwarden on a daily basis. Having my keys protected by Bitwarden is a no brainer :clap::clap::clap:


Much needed capability of you want to stay with changing tech🤷🏽


Same here, I’m a bitwarden user and nostr developer. I’d much prefer having nip 07 login in bitwarden vs alby, since it’s one fewer party to share my private key with.


Great to see this feature request getting some attention, finally, and the presence of nostr devs who could advice on the best solution for nsec management. I’ve posted this long time ago when I joined nostr and didn’t know much about event signing options via nip07 or nsecBunker. My idea was very basic just being able to pass nsec via bitwarden without copy pasting :sweat_smile:


This would be an amazing integration. I would have much better peace of mind knowing that my private key was kept private by Bitwarden rather than the current browser extensions we have to use.

Plus the added bonus of being able to self-host Vaultwarden makes this an even better fit for the self-sovereign community on Nostr.

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I would love this. I am a bitwarden premium subscriber and would love to be able to properly manage nostr keys from the app.


Would definitely use this.

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Would love to see this added, I just started on nostr and prefer to use this over yet another extension

Please add this : ) Thanks!

FOSS/Linux/privacy communities on Nostr will do free advertising/promotion for Bitwarden so it will be a great ROI especially if Bitwarden has an official presence there.

I think is great idea nostr is a future

I use bitwarden to log in in most places. A nostr signer in bitwarden would be a nice addition which would save me a few clicks each time and the keys would be handled by the app I trust the most.

I need this, we need this.