Prioritise a specific login when multiple matches are found

Scenario: I need to log into a system and I have stored many credentials for different accounts in this system. These could be testing accounts, api credentials, elevated access accounts, etc. There is one account which is my ‘main’ login that I would use 95%+ of the time.

Request: Ability to mark a ‘default’ or ‘priority’ login when multiple match for a given URI. Alternatively re-use the existing Favourite logins feature and use that, whereby if multiple logins exist for a single URI and one of them is a Favourite, it is prioritised over the most recently used option when autofilling.

Alternatives considered: Changing match detection to remove the alt logins works but I would like to keep them, for organisational reasons, but also because when I need to find those rarely-used logins, I can have the page open and click the extension icon, and all matching logins will display so I don’t have to go searching.

This has been asked about in the community before: Default/Preferred Login Flag for when multiple logins are saved