"Pop out to new window" disappears off screen

Hi, just struggling a bit this morning, I have been using BW for a few weeks now having switched from LP. One thing I used to do is have my vault open for sites that required multiple different credentials, there doesn’t seem to be that option in BW but I can click the little arrow to have it “pop out to a new window” - unfortunately when my browser is on screen 2 (the left of my main screen) the pop out disappears off the side of the screen, if I move my browser to screen 1 then click “pop out” then I can see it on screen 1. Move the browser back to screen 2 and it disappears again (screen 2 is a lower resolution than screen 1 so I reckon it is remembering the co-ordinates from somewhere). I am using Chrome on Windows 10. Is there some way to reset the “co-ordinates” for the pop-up? I tried moving it and then closing it hoping it would store the co-ordinates, but when I click the pop out button again it just disappears off screen again - is there a way to make it pop-up in a particular location on the screen? Are the co-ordinates stored somewhere?



Right-click the icon for the BW window on the Windows taskbar, select “Move” then you should be able to bring the window into view by moving your mouse.

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Dan’s answer as a picture with description:

  • Move mouse to position 1
  • Move mouse to position 2 and right click
  • Move mouse to position 3 and click left on Move

then either:

  • Click and hold left
  • Move mouse to re-position the window
  • Release left mouse button when done


  • Press cursor up, down, left or right once
  • Move mouse without pressing a button
  • Left click when done

As an alternative and to avoid this issue completely:
Why not use Ctrl + Shift + L to fill in the credentials?

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Thanks, that was the first thing I tried but I don’t get that option:


Oh lord, it’s a Windows thing, you have to hover over the icon, wait for the thumbnail to appear, then right click on that… jesus…


There is even a “keyboard-only” solution to this issue:

  • Use Alt+Tab to select the window that has gone rogue
  • Press Alt+Space once
  • Press the character that is associated with the Move command (in English it is “M”)
  • Keep on pressing cursor left, right, down or up till you see it. (#)
  • Press Enter

(#) After pressing a cursor key at least once it still is definitely much easier to use the mouse to position the window.

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