"Pinpoint Form" and "Add form" features

Feature Name:

Pinpoint Form, Add Form

Feature function:

Add a button or section in the bitwarden chrome extension menu named “Pinpoint Form”.
Upon clicking the button, some kind of interface would pop up. It would ask the user which form(s) they want to select, and what information is supposed to go in the form.
This feature would be very useful in allowing the user to manually fix bitwarden not detecting forms supposed to be filled.
Real case usage example that inspired this post:
In my college’s website, there is a login form named “Matrícula”, which is not being detected by bitwarden. In this case, this form is equivalent to “Username”. I would click “pinpoint form”, select the form desired, and assign which data (e.g: username, password, pin…) the extension is supposed to fill it with. Upon pressing “Ok”, bitwarden saves that form and “remembers” to detect it everytime you come to that page.
It would also be nice if the user could customize things like “this page only”, “also fill every form with this name”, “detect by form name” instead of click selecting it, which is how I first imagined this function.
Another feature, which would be great together with this one, would be “add form” to the vault item in question. In depth: if you open an item/account stored in your bitwarden vault, the data stored there will be: “Name, Username, Password”. But what if the site has other forms? Like “adress”, “cellphone number”. Why not let the user click “add form”, name it “Cellphone” and click “pinpoint form” to let the extension know where this new info is supposed to go when autofilling?

This idea was concepted with the chrome extension in mind, but I don’t see why not also applying it to the mobile and desktop app/program.

To solve your issue now take a look at the Custom Fields:

Besides this kind of feature was already requested here:

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