Persist input/extension state automatically

When I want to enroll in a new service, I go through a sign up procedure. This is always a drag, so I’m trying to do it as quickly as possible. However, I’ve hit a snag multiple times now where I click the extension button (doing this from Firefox desktop mainly), click “Add a Login”, put in a username, and then click the password generation button. However, I often forget to click the “Select” link on the password generation dialog, and then the “Save” link on the login addition dialog. Thus when I’ve gone and copy-pasted the password into the signup form, I have to go back and save it again because the state for the login and the generated password is gone.

It would be nice if the extension state persisted between button clicks and/or if my input was automatically saved (so there’d be no need to hit “Select” and/or “Save” at all). (To be safe, maybe this should only be done for non-destructive changes?)