Passwords for speedy access

this possible to Lock & unlock only with mobile code pin or finger ? To pass over interminal ask password at each action in folders & files too many times have obtaint, urgent acces to

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Claudio Mrt

You need to differentiate between logging in and unlocking.

  1. You have to login with a password for each device/app/extension first; there is currently no way around this.

  2. Once you log in, you can set up to unlock with your device PIN/biometrics, or you can unlock with your password. If you selects the option of PIN/biometrics unlock and not requiring the password on restart, then you will never have to enter the password again (at the risk of forgetting it).

See this to set up to do unlock with PIN/biometrics

If you already forget your password, your options are:

  1. For the device that you still have vault access, copy the info manually off it one by one. Delete the account, create a new one, and reenter the info manually.
  2. Delete the account and restore from existing backup (export). Because you can’t export without a password, if you don’t already have a backup, you cannot use this option.

@Claudio Welcome to the forum!

First, I modified your topic title to correct typographical errors (the original title was “Passwords for seedy acces”).

Second, since you selected the tag, I assume that you are a developer of a web app, and that you wish to integrate the use of finger prints to allow users to authenticate without passwords to the web app that you are developing. Bitwarden’s product does provide a software toolkit that allows you to implement such functionality in your app.

If you have specific questions, there is a special contact form to get in touch with pre-sales support for the product.