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I’m migrating from from 1Password, 1Password has a type of Password just like a Secure Note type. it would be nice if Bitwarden support a type of just “Password” along with Secure Note, Credit Card, etc

The “Login” type is what you’re looking for.


I’m actually looking for a type that only holds a Password and maybe a Notes field. Login type is too bloated when I just need to store a password and that’s it.

Ah, I see. If you’re okay with filling out a Name field you can just skip the Username field and Bitwarden will only display the name and password when viewing the entry.

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Hey Brian,

Unfortunately, as good as Bitwarden is… there’s no such flexibility. The only thing that has given me that kind (and lots more) is Pass, I work with the two them in parallel, because after 6/7 years of Pass I really used to manage a myriad of passwords for my headless servers in way that I feel secure about it, but have a big crush on Bitwarden right now,.

Bitwarden has proven to be the best options for people who is just starting or not tech savvy. If you’re looking for extreme versatility go Pass but bear in mind that comes with a HUGE label attached: “for the geeky type”.

Stay safe!

Thanks but 1Password provides this for me now and I’m happy with it but I also have been using Bitwarden for a year now and just looking to see if I can help improve Bitwarden so I can switch to it full time.

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