Password timelife and sending alert

Hi team, would it be possible to add a timelife for the password created, with an alert when password arrive at expiration.

I’m not sure we could derive the expiration period of a password from a service, but perhaps being able to leverage a “reset interval” / reminder makes sense? Definitely interested to hear everyone’s thoughts on this one!

@tgreer ,Hi,
I do not know what you mean with “reset interval” if we speak about same target, then, it’s fine :wink:
About reminder, if you’ve several account to manage (currently I’ve 50) ,I think it would make sense to get at a reminder least, about when you created the PWD and when you’re supposed to change it…

Understandably so! Yes - basically being able to set when you should change your password on a per-password basis. (i.e. change System A credentials every 90 days, remind me at 85 days)

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