Password modification Date

The modification date can be used for this, but there is no central report or view to be able to sort so that you can view the last time you rotated passwords.

Simply adding the modification date to the view of the list of accounts will work if available.

The request is to be able to view the last time a password has been rotated, in a list format without having to select each account to see the date.

I came here to ask for a very similar feature. There are a couple of handy “Reports” already, for example the “Weak Passwords Report” under “Tools” for an organization is super useful.

Similarly, a “Rotation Report” showing whether secrets were rotated e.g.:

  • Never rotated
  • Rotated over a year ago
  • Rotated over 6 months ago
  • Rotated over 1 month ago
  • Recently rotated

would be super useful! :+1: