Password length in the generator - cannot be entered

Why in the Bitwarden application on an Android smartphone (I do not know about other devices) in the password generator I cannot enter with the keyboard how many characters the password should have.

Only the slider is available. Sometimes it’s hard to choose a specific password length. On the computer in the extension, I can simply type on the keyboard! Why can’t I do the same on my smartphone?

What will this feature change? It will speed up the generation of a password of a given length. It’s just a minor modification and the interface will be more useful :slight_smile:

Since you ask why it isn’t included, I suspect there is not direct entry for numbers because the interface is cleaner without it and for most people it is not necessary.

Even in portrait mode, I can usually pick the value I want quickly with the slider. And if you want more precision, just rotate your phone to landscape.

Having said that, I don’t mean to de-legitimize your request. I can see how some would prefer direct entry. :+1:

while different from the Android app, but there is this functionality in the browser extension. we made a short video on it last week

But adding this option will not affect the appearance of the interface, as it will not change anything. Just add that after clicking on the number, the keyboard will appear and that’s it;)

OK, I follow what you are saying - just make the number label a text box for input via the keyboard. :+1: