Type number for password generator length

The password length in the password generator is picked by moving a slider.
Although this is a fine principle, I would like to be able to override the number manually too.

Especially on mobile I sometimes have to slide around to pick the exact length I want to have. Being able to type in the number would be nice.


This will be available in next browser release.


I saw this was added to the browser extension but the generator on the website still has the old style: Strong Password Generator | Bitwarden.

I’m not sure who thought it would be a good idea to use a slider for precision number selection – especially when the slider width is so small.

Ideally users should be able to enter a number or use big up/down arrows. IMHO, from a UI perspective, sliders are better suited for fluid ranges where precision is not important.

Yep. I came here to ask about this - the slider is too small on mobile phone (Android 13, Pixel 6 pro). And I wish there was a way to just type the number directly.

Android password generator is a pain! slider changing the number of digits causes the screen to jump around to suit the new number, no way to manually select the number and type a new number.
I want 10. Use slider and its total pain in the butt.
Just want simple. select the number, type 10, and done. Can we fix that please.

Otherwise a new user fed up with finalpass who is sick of the way they treat people.
Imagine a storage facility you are renting. You go and they say we have rearranged everything for you as boxes may not be over 3" high anymore. However we have split everythingup and its all there.
Golly gosh WTF is what i say. How dare they treat paying customers like that.

Anyway glad to see bitwarden seems to be more customer oriented.

Or at least variable sensitivity when you hold the slider and move away from the sliderbar (like the time slider on youtube for example).

Its been a while. Version Desktop 1.48 has a up/down adjustment for the number but the android version still appears to be slider only and very hard to get an minor change android version is 2.8.0 Maybe its just my fat fingers.

Why in the Bitwarden application on an Android smartphone (I do not know about other devices) in the password generator I cannot enter with the keyboard how many characters the password should have.

Only the slider is available. Sometimes it’s hard to choose a specific password length. On the computer in the extension, I can simply type on the keyboard! Why can’t I do the same on my smartphone?

What will this feature change? It will speed up the generation of a password of a given length. It’s just a minor modification and the interface will be more useful :slight_smile:

Since you ask why it isn’t included, I suspect there is not direct entry for numbers because the interface is cleaner without it and for most people it is not necessary.

Even in portrait mode, I can usually pick the value I want quickly with the slider. And if you want more precision, just rotate your phone to landscape.

Having said that, I don’t mean to de-legitimize your request. I can see how some would prefer direct entry. :+1:

while different from the Android app, but there is this functionality in the browser extension. we made a short video on it last week https://twitter.com/Bitwarden/status/1509532292611334159

But adding this option will not affect the appearance of the interface, as it will not change anything. Just add that after clicking on the number, the keyboard will appear and that’s it;)

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OK, I follow what you are saying - just make the number label a text box for input via the keyboard. :+1:

Password generator password length specifier on Android App AND iOS App only have slider. All password generator forms in any interface need text input box (at least). It is far too difficult to “hit” the exact number with the slider.