Password autofill priority, list order, and show password

Windows 10, Firefox 127.02

I have several situations where I have more that one account for the same service, i.e.Gmail.

Is there a way to sort the order of the logins in the toolbar drop down menu list, and to maintain that order?

I recently had to add another Microsoft account. I would like this new account to have priority/be the default for auto fill, but the old account is still still being used by Bitdefender. How do I deal with this?

Is there a way to to automatically reveal the password by default?

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No. In the inline auto-fill menu shown on the form fields, the logins are shown in the order that they were most recently used.

By default, Bitwarden auto-fills the most recently auto-filled account first. So auto-fill once with the new account, then Bitwarden will use this account as its default next time that you auto-fill.

No, but you could create a .csv export to show all of your passwords in plaintext. Not sure why you’d want to do this, though.

You can set the vault item’s name to anything you want. So, name them “gmail - me”, “gmail - spouse”, “gmail-work”, etc. Although if will not change the sort order, it does help make it easier to figure out which-is-which when dealing with multiple accounts on one site.

I suppose if you wanted you could put the password in there too (“gmail-me (P@ssword1)”), but that seems a bit questionable, given that one if the big benefits of a password manager is that you can randomly generate unique passwords that you never need to know.

The accounts are recognizable by their account names. I kept logging in with my preferred account, but this password, that doesn’t exist in my vault was still being auto filled.

I now believe it was generated by my Firefox password repository.

Regarding the password reveal, I have no reason to hide it. Firefox on my personal PC resides on an encrypted partition.

I have the “Show me the password” addon, set to always show passwords, Works pretty much everywhere except for the Microsoft login page. I’m assume that’s a security protocol, but I was hoping there was a way around it somehow. With another addon maybe?

Oh, so it is the password, not the username that is the concern. There is a feature request that may help you. If it sounds useful, feel free to click the blue “vote” button at the top of the topic.

Another trick may be to fill the username even if it is correct. Then, it will be the “most recently used”, so that when auto-filling the password on the next screen, the desired one is selected.

Delete all passwords from your browsers, disable password auto-fill in all browsers, and set Bitwarden as the default password manager.