Passkeys support for mobile apps

The title says it all. Passkey support for the mobile apps would be much appreciated!

I know that in the passkey management FAQs it says “planned for future release”, but I wanted to underline the demand for this feature.



This would be a very useful feature to be able to use passkeys effectively on the iPhone. This is essential for generating and logging in via passkey.
Currently the passkeys have to be saved via iCloud.

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This is currently “in development”, per the Bitwarden Roadmap.


The irony of logging in on mobile to vote for passkeys support on mobile:


Bump for visibility
I will not adopt any passkeys until this functionality is added


Please! This is a deal-breaker feature!


Please add this essential feature.

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On desktop, users are able to utilize passkeys saved on their bitwarden vault with the bitwarden browser extension. However, something equivalent is not possible on iOS.

Maybe this could be implemented with Safari extensions on iOS. I don’t know how possible this would be, but it would make stuff much more secure for iOS users that don’t want to use the iOS password manager for their mobile passkeys.

This should definitely be bumped up on the Bitwarden todo list. I’ve recently had a few different apps push for using a Passkey. That would be great, but since Bitwarden doesn’t support it on mobile I cannot use Passkeys yet. Using iCloud Keychain for passkeys and Bitwarden for passwords would be a nightmare. Delaying implementation of this feature will force Bitwarden users to compromise security for those supporting apps in the meantime–or cause some folks to switch away from Bitwarden if enough time passes.


Is this planned because it is not yet feasible due to iOS limitations or because it’s not yet been prioritized?

It makes using passkeys within Bitwarden difficult to impossible due to no iOS support.

Is it possible to export Bitwarden passkey to iCloud in the meantime?

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@MrMista , @user25653421 and others:

I think this already is a “top priority” as it is already in active developement (see the Bitwarden Roadmap: Bitwarden Roadmap - “Passkeys on mobile”).

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Doesn’t 1Password allow people to create and use passkeys within iOS?

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I didn’t know about this. While this is awesome, I’d like to stick to Bitwarden preferably.

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Any update on this? When is it coming to iOS?

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Hi @morpheus and welcome to the Bitwarden community. This is a top priority on the roadmap Bitwarden Roadmap - Feature Requests - Bitwarden Community Forums and a primary focus for the team right now


It is definitely possible on iOS - Proton Pass (a much younger development project) already supports it: How to use Proton Pass passkeys | Proton

I’ve resorted to storing passkeys in ProtonPass until BW adds the feature. If definitely makes it a pain from a UX perspective.

yeah, Proton Pass is beast, less than a year launch yet provides passkey support for iOS. I was into BW as lot of passwords I have there, maybe any updates on it about the release date?

Not just iOS, but also Android

Google is heavily pushing users towards passkeys. Lack of support is going to be a deal-breaker for me sooner or later.


Hi @MooseBoys and welcome to the Bitwarden community. Passkeys on mobile is the top item on the roadmap Bitwarden Roadmap - Feature Requests - Bitwarden Community Forums and is planned within the coming month or two.