Passkeys and Firefox


passkey support of Bitwarden seems around the corner. :slight_smile:

I’m on Windows (and Android) and use Firefox, and obviously the Bitwarden Firefox extension then… I’m wondering how to deal with passkeys and Bitwarden as long as Firefox doesn’t fully support passkey usage. Maybe still a bit early to ask this question, but maybe someone from the Bitwarden team can shed a little bit of light on that?!

Thanks, and I’m really looking forward to the passkey feature! :ok_hand:

PS: I know - Windows could be also an issue… but I’m on Windows 11 and I think the coming update (“Moments 4”) will further support passkeys, that is why I think, Firefox will be more of an issue here.

I just signed into my Google account with a passkey on Firefox (Win10) so support might not be as bad as you think.
I seem to recall having to register the passkey on Chrome however but that was a few months back.

Yeah, I can also use FF for Google’s passkey on Windows 11 Pro. The FIDO2 standard, which I think FF already supports, probably would be the one supporting passkey.

The last time I checked, FF on Android didn’t work, though, but Chrome did.

@DoctorB Thanks, that’s encouraging! And good idea, to register the passkey with another browser and use it with Firefox!

@Neuron5569 Thank you as well! But as of now, Firefox supports FIDO2 but doesn’t support passkeys yet, I think… I just saw an info, that with Firefox 120 (coming Nov 2023) there will be a “minimal viable product” regarding passkey support (

So that is more or less around the corner as well, it seems. :grinning:

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… in general - if anyone does know it - it would be interesting to know, whether the passkey-function of Bitwarden depends on the passkey support of the browser and OS? Respective: in which regard it depends on the browser and OS, and what works even with (still) passkey-unsupported browsers/OS’ or what might not work then? :thinking: