Passkey popup doesn't show - domain not on excluded domains list


I have a similar problem like in this thread: Windows security pops up instead of bitwarden when passkey is required

I have an account on and added a passkey there. I could successfully store it in Bitwarden - and immediately after creating the passkey, I could login with it (something like a passkey-login-page was offered to me from eBay). But, e.g. after a restart (BTW: my browser, Brave, deletes cookies, cache and website data when I close it - maybe this is part of my problem?), eBay doesn’t offer me the Bitwarden passkey-popup windows but merely Windows security pops up (Windows 11 Home). So in effect, I cannot use the passkey from Bitwarden to login to eBay (in the sense of: there seems to be no way for me on the website, to use my passkey for login). Different to the other thread is not on my “excluded domains” list. And with other websites, the Bitwarden passkey-popup works fine.

I suspect, this is a problem of the eBay website. Because I have the exact same problem (and just described circumstances) with another account of a family member with another password manager + it’s browser extension (KeePassXC, latest versions).

In the other thread I already speculated, that eBay somehow directs the passkey request directly to the OS (Windows) and Bitwarden is not able to intervene? Or do I miss something else?

PS: Besides the Bitwarden-passkey-popup not showing: The mentioned eBay-passkey-login-page was only offered to me by directly after the passkey creation. After that, eBay didn’t offer this site to me again (as I wrote above, maybe this is related to cookie/cache deletion of my browser??). And doesn’t have a distinct button where I can choose the passkey login and get to something like an eBay-passkey-login-page again.

Meanwhile, I think I saw that the process must be similar for and maybe other eBay regions… am I the only one with that problem with passkey-usage on eBay? :thinking:

You are not the only one with this problem:


Ah, interesting. Thanks!

And maybe I should make a habit of searching more myself on GitHub. :melting_face:

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