Passkey Issues with Bitwarden's own website

I noticed this just started happening but Chrome no longer pops up with Bitwarden’s Passkey interface for I only get the following interface:

Interestingly, Passkeys for the community forums work, but is NOT working.

Any ideas?


Have you checked Settings > Excluded Domains to see if is on the exclusions list?

Nothing in my excluded domain list … I wonder if an update broke Passkey support?

I’m having issue on eBay and Bitwarden Community Forum login works fine.

@coolspot I don’t know for the Bitwarden vault - but eBay I can confirm: Passkey popup doesn't show - domain not on excluded domains list

PS: If you read my text there: to me it doesn’t seem to be a “Bitwarden exclusive” problem, because I have the same experience with eBay using KeePassXC as the passkey provider.

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Is the passkey in question used for passwordless authentication, or as 2FA?

Is the passkey for the same account as the vault where you are storing it, or is it for authenticating to a different Bitwarden account?

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Is the passkey in question used for passwordless authentication, or as 2FA?

Ah - that’s probably it - I used WebAuthn to create a Bitwarden 2FA Passkey.

So perhaps in the future Bitwarden may need to support multiple Passkeys for different use cases for a single website. The current UI doesn’t distinguish what type of Passkey it is, hence I could not remember if it’s for login or 2FA.

Perhaps… There is a Feature Request asking for this, if you want to support it.

In the meantime, you can create a separate vault item to hold the passkey.

@coolspot Sorry, but I’m very confused now. Are we talking about a passkey you saved in your Bitwarden vault for the Bitwarden vault? (like you can see the passkey in your “Bitwarden vault” item in Bitwarden?) → Because then it would be a “login”-passkey and not a 2FA passkey, right?

… or maybe…: Out of curiosity, I just tried to create a passkey via the Bitwarden browser extension (in my premium account) for my free test account. I couldn’t either create a 2FA passkey or login-passkey - in both cases the browser extension didn’t intercept the request. - Was it once possible (create and use) and now it’s “broken”?

PS: Obviously I couldn’t test now whether the login would have been possible with via the browser extension’s passkey…

Sorry for the confusion - both scenarios were happening.

  1. For Bitwarden, I created a 2FA key and mixed that up with a login passkey (this issue is user error and can be ignored).

  2. For eBay, Bitwarden extension is not intercepting the Passkey requests correctly for login

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Thanks for the clarification!

Okay, I get it - it can be ignored… but I’m still confused where you stored that 2FA key in then? :rofl:

Either way - your “user error” was quite interesting to me. Now I know, that the Bitwarden web vault ignores it’s own browser extension. :rofl: (PS: to clarify that: at least in the sense, that the browser extension passkey-popup doesn’t show, when creating login-/2FA-passkeys from the web vault) and are two different web sites, not one website with two different use cases.

An example of two use cases would be using a passkey to login to (download) your vault and then using a passkey to decrypt the vault. In the first step, a passkey that supports (e.g.) user-presence attestation may be required; the second step does requires a passkey that supports the “PRN” capability. In this example, two passkeys would not necessarily be needed; instead one would more likely use a single passkey that supports both capabilities.

but I’m still confused where you stored that 2FA key in then

When I created a WebAuthn 2FA, my Bitwarden’s Chrome browser extension intercepted the request and created as a Passkey that was stored with my Bitwarden login entry. The passkey was not labelled as 2FA hence why I got confused.

On a subsequent log in to, I tried using the 2FA Passkey and returned an error which led to my confusion.

eBay however is broken.

Just a follow up to this - the Bitwarden extension does not seem to be intercepting the 2FA WebAuthN request consistently on Bitwarden sometimes pops up allowing me to select the key, othertimes does not - any ideas why?