Option to adjust or disable UI animation

The browser extension UI animation is really slow and annoying. It would take a lot less time to quickly adjust a saved item if the next view is displayed immediately after I click.

So I think that it should be possible to adjust animation speed or simply disable the animation.

This has become a point of friction and irritation after some months of use for me too. The app in the browser (but also on my Android phone) feels overly slow and unresponsive due to the animations.

At the very least there should be an option available in the settings to disable all animations, although I think it would be wise to change the default behavior too.

My company is in the process of evaluating Bitwarden as the default password manager for our customers, potentially selling many Enterprise Licenses in the years to come. Other than the missing multi-account feature, this is the only pain point that we would like to see changed.


Thanks for the feedback! Is this in all browsers, or just some in particular?

Hi, this makes the extension feel very slow for me too and is quite frustrating. Adding an option to adjust animations speed or at least disable them completely would be great.
This seems to be in all browsers.


It happens for me in Vivaldi (a fork of Chromium), but I’m certain that it’s not limited to it.

Same in Firefox. I don’t think it’s the browsers, I think the animation is running at the planned speed.

I would prefer to be able to switch it off, it really slows down navigating the system.

There also appears to be a delay from mouseup until the actual animation triggers. It would be nice to be able to disable that delay as well.

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I agree that the zoom animation is bothersome! It’s my first day on Bitwarden after switching from LastPass and I’ve already searched the options for a way to disable the animation, and found this thread as a result of my google search.

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Me too!

I just moved from LastPass to a self-hosted Bitwarden (made really easy using Cloudron) last night and so far I much prefer it, but the animation when auto-filling forms is really annoying and just seems completely superfluous and pointless - I’d love to be able to disable it completely!

FYI I’m on Ubuntu 20.04 and Firefox 82.0 (64 bit).

Hi,can you add a option “Disable zoom animation when autofill” in bitwarden chrome extension?
When it is checked, just remove the css .com-bitwarden-browser-animated-fill or change the transform: scale value from (1.2, 1.2) to (1.0, 1.0) in https://github.com/bitwarden/browser/blob/master/src/content/autofill.css.

Thank you!
Wish bitwarden better and better!

I think this is maybe a duplicate of Option to adjust or disable UI animation but I’ve voted for both for good measure!

Please, please fix this. Either remove the animation, make it an option to turn it off, or at the very least reduce it to something like 20ms instead of 200ms.

Now I literally have to sit and wait for Bitwarden to fill the form fields before I can hit “Enter” to login…

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The autofill animation is an accessibility problem for me. Fast scaling animations can trigger motion sickness in people with vestibular disorders.

I would have submitted a pull request to at least disable the animation based on @media (prefers-reduced-motion) but npm install fails because dependencies are too old to support Python 3, and you require a CLA to be signed to contribute.

Instead, here’s a Stylus stylesheet I wrote to work around the problem:

/* ==UserStyle==
@name           Disable BitWarden autofill animation
@namespace      github.com/openstyles/stylus
@version        1.0.0
@description    Disables the scaling animation on BitWarden autofill
@author         iliana <[email protected]>
==/UserStyle== */
@-moz-document regexp(".*") {
    .com-bitwarden-browser-animated-fill {
        animation: none !important;
        -webkit-animation: none !important;

I agree with all the replies here. The animation is very annoying after switching from another password manager. Please offer an option to allow turning this off.


These browser extension animations are amateurish and unacceptable. They should all be removed immediately.

What animation are you referring to? The autofill animation from the extension that makes the field it is filling into larger then returns to normal when it is done?

I was referring to the animation when navigating in the popup that opens when you click the extension icon. But the suggestion applies to any animation that unnecessarily slows down the workflow.

Yeah I am not sure which animation you are talking about still sorry. But also I have not experienced anything that has come close to slowing down my work flow, quite the contrary when coming from LastPass, where BW seems to be a order of magnitude snappier at least on my system.

Update: So after investigating a bit more, yes opening the extension does seem to take about half a second, and comparing to opening other extensions it is slower, but does not seem to be noticeably so. Then again I am using a dual core 8GB ram laptop so not exactly a power-house :laughing:

Thank you for sharing this Stylus stylesheet! While it isn’t an accessibility issue for me, it was quite disconcerting until I found your post and disabled it myself.

Bitwarden, please let people disable the animation when filling in passwords and data. It’s necessary for accessibility, and it would benefit other folks like me, too.