Option to adjust or disable UI animation

When autofilling passwords the browser extension plays an annoying and distracting pop animation that makes the autofilled fields larger for a moment. It would be really nice if this animation could be disabled, either by default or as a toggleable option.

As noted in the thread linked below, this is also an accessibility concern. Fast scaling animations can trigger motion sickness in people with vestibular disorders.

Note: This is a duplicate of Option to adjust or disable UI animation, but that request has been closed and is not accepting replies.

As someone who is neurodivergent and suffers from sensory issues related to spatial orientation and movement, I can confirm this is both triggering and highly frustrating.

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The old thread was closed, but not archived, so I’ve re-opened it and merged your comments & votes.

@trevorpetrie On further inspection, I do not see the old animations anymore, at least not in Chrome or Firefox in Windows 11. What operating system, browser, and browser extension version are you using? Do you have any way of making a screen recording, to ensure we are talking about the same thing?

Hi, here it is: https://streamable.com/66yl16

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Unfortunately, one vendor (Seclookup) tagged your link as “malicious” in a VirusTotal scan. Maybe a false positive, but all the same, I personally don’t feel comfortable clicking the link (for the same reasons, and out of an abundance of caution, I have also edited your post to make the URL non-clickable).

If you still want to help, perhaps you can convert the video to a GIF (which can be pasted right into a comment here, instead of linking a 3rd-party streaming service).

Hi, I’ve uploaded to streamable cause it was the first option of my google search, there’s nothing wrong with the link, of course it’s not malicious, anyway, here’s another upload of the same video that I had to convert to GIF. It took me about an hour of research to find this thread, I didn’t waste my time creating my account to post malicious things here in the community, I did it because I need help to solve this issue too.
bitwarden filling animation

Thank you for taking the time to create the GIF. That looks more or less like I remember the animations from before. However, in versions 2024.6.2 (Chrome) and 2024.6.3 (Firefox) on Windows 11 (23H2), I no longer experience any auto-fill animations. What operating system, browser, and browser extension version are you using?

I do still see references to animated autofill in the source code on GitHub, so I’m not sure exactly why I’m not seeing animations, while you are seeing them.

I also found an active PR that may offer some hope for the future:

Just FYI, I am also seeing the animations on Windows 10, Firefox 128.0, Bitwarden 2024.6.3

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