Not receiving BW verification code in authenticator app

I have been using Microsoft Authenticator as the app to sign in to the bitwarden web vault. However, the app is not receiving the BW verification code anymore. The app receives verification codes from other web sites. I have lost the recovery code. How can I log in to the BW web vault?

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Are you still logged in to Bitwarden anywhere else (mobile, desktop, another browser)? If so, you should be able to use your Master Password to disable 2FA or retrieve your Bitwarden Recovery Code:

If none of the above works, do you happen to have a recent backup of your Vault?

I am logged in to the browser app and I know my master password. However, I have setup 2-step login with the Microsoft Authenticator app, which is not receiving the BW verification code. I want to log in to the web vault to change the authenticator app, but I can’t without the 6-digit verification code. I don’t have a backup of the vault, but I could copy all the logins from the browser app one-by-one.

I’m a little confused because the Microsoft Authenticator app does not usually receive a 6-digit code when you are log into Bitwarden. Rather, it contains a 6-digit code that you will see if you open up Microsoft Authenticator and you have previously saved the TOTP code for Bitwarden into Microsoft Authenticator.

Am I misunderstanding something?

I think it’s how I set up BW in the MS authenticator app. For example, when I open MS authenticator, my PayPal account always displays a 6-digit code. However, MS authenticator displays a verification code for BW only when I attempt to log in to BW.

As far as I know, Bitwarden never sends any type of notification to MS Authenticator. In fact, it doesn’t even know which authenticator app (Authy, MS Authenticator, Aegis, etc.) you are using.

Are you sure you aren’t thinking of the Log in with Device feature? That typically sends a notification to your Bitwarden phone app to confirm a login. You can see more about it here:

Most likely, you have misconfigured the MS Authenticator app. You may need to seek out support from the Microsoft Authenticator user community, unless someone here happens to have the knowledge to help you sort this out.

I am sure I am not thinking of the Log in with Device feature. If BW doesn’t know which authenticator app I am using then it’s no point my trying to log in to the web vault to change the authenticator app. Nonetheless, not being able to the log in to the web vault does not portend well. I think I should backup my logins 1x1 from the BW browser add-on.

Any idea if I will be able to delete my account without access to the web vault?

You could be right. I will attempt to seek my fortune as you suggested.

Truly hope you are able to work around this, but if all else fails.

Step are listed at I Forgot my Master Password | Bitwarden Help Center

  1. Navigate to

  2. Enter the email address associated with your account and select Submit.

  3. In your inbox, open the email from Bitwarden and verify that you would like to delete the account.

If you had a premium plan contact Bitwarden support to have them apply the subscription to your new account.

I would also CAUTION!!
Attempt to backup or retrieve any data you may have access to currently, such as via a logged in client in the browser extension first BEFORE deleting your account.
As once requested, your account is immediately deleted and nothing is ever “soft deleted” at Bitwarden and this action will not be reversible.

Also noted in the help article.

:warning: Warning

Deleting your account will delete all individually-owned vault items stored in it, this will include any saved attachments.

Before deleting your account, check to see if you are actively logged in to any Bitwarden mobile apps, browser extensions, or desktop apps. If you are, you should manually catalogue your data so that you can add it back in to the new account.

That is a good idea! In addition, @grp has an unofficial way to backup temporary files that MAY be helpful:

Do you have your 2FA Recovery Code? If yes, you can disable 2FA, re-enable it, and start the 2FA process over without deleting your account.

Have you backed up your vault by exporting it?

I don’t have the recovery code

I read the thread and found a text file under the Windows Chrome extension location that may be the backup. As suggested by BostonPete, I made a backup of the folder containing the file. I will try his instructions after I have 1x1 backed up all the logins. If nothing works, I can follow Kent’s link above to delete my account.

@grb recently posted a good, detailed post on how where to extract your vault from and also how to gain access to your account on other clients by disabling your internet and entering your vault, assuming you were already signed in. It’s worth searching for and finding before you do anything else. The instructions are specific and have helped others.

I read the post that you are referring to and made a backup of the BW Chrome extension folder. I still want to manually backup the logins before attempting the instructions. Thank you for your help. :pray:

If you’re still logged in from one place why can’t you do a vault export?

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You should be able to. That’s the first thing I would do if I didn’t have my 2FA Recovery Code.


Thank you immensely, Gerardv514 and 222. I was able to export my vault from the BW browser add-on.


Great to hear. Going forward, recommend to keep printed copies of your 2FA recovery code, master password, and an updated, exported vault on a usb key in safe places.