Newbie"Why is it so"

I’m an older bloke who has basic operational knowledge of my computer but I find that i need help when I install a new program like Bitwarden. I would greatly appreciate it if someone give me a run down on how Bitwarden works so that i can get to understand what i need to do to use it.
Screen shots with explanations would be great of the how and why of the differing functions.
I’m am not familiar with the writing of codes to change registary settings.
Thanks heaps for your help.

Hi there!

Basically what you need to do is:

  1. Create BW account
  2. Enable 2FA (either by e-mail or smartphone app, whichever suits you best)
  3. Now install BW as Browser extension or installed program - up to you.
  4. Start saving passwords.

If you have been using e.g Chrome, you can also export saved passwords from there and put them into BW.

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