New to Bidwarden want to have some information

HI I am new to Bitwarden so I was going to ask some questions please.

How often does bitwarden the app for Microsoft Edge get updated?

Is their a password generator in the bitwarden extenision for Microsoft Edge?

Does bitwarden extension and the app work on Windows 11 home?

How can I recover my free bitwarden account if I should forget my password for my bitwarden free account?

Thaks for the help and your advice



You can not. The team at Bitwarden also can not. That is the reason why Bitwarden is so secure. To avoid this kind of desaster follow these recommendations:

  • Keep a copy of your password in a secure place.
  • Make backups of your data.
  • Take a look at their “Emergency Access”-feature
  • For your Master Password stick to the characters that are available inside their password generator.

You are welcome :slight_smile:


Interesting advice. Would you mind elaborating? Is Bitwarden’s limited set of special characters restricted to those that are most likely to be available on keyboards from different countries?

Sure. See for example this topic:

I do not know about that. Perhaps someone from the Bitwarden team has some insights.
@dwbit: ?

Thanks. Actually, in the thread you linked, it seems the OP may be from Sweden, where the " symbol is accessed by Shift-2, but the @ symbol is produced by Ctrl-Alt-2 or AltGr-2. Since @ is one of the special characters in the Bitwarden generators, I don’t think my hypothesis about international keyboards is correct. So it may be more about characters that work both on computers and on cell phones.

…or it could just have been a coincidence that the problem in the other thread was solved when the master password was reset to one that didn’t use ".

In this case, it probably has to do with the “auto-correct” or “auto-format” functions in the phone. Both iOS and Android keyboards are fond of changing straight quotes (double or single, or even back-ticks) to smart-quotes (aka curly quotes). So even if you are typing in the correct characters on your keyboard, what is entered into Bitwarden is actually different than the characters in your password. This issue has come up a few times that I can remember.

So that’s one reason to limit special characters.

But as mentioned, some international character sets are not available in all keyboard layouts, so that is another issue with the same effect, and just as hard to spot.

Ahh, that makes sense.

I guess what I’m asking for is, what was the rationale for specifically selecting the 8 characters [email protected]#$%^&* for Bitwarden’s generator? Are they the ones most likely to work from all devices? Are they the ones least likely to be rejected by websites with idiosyncratic password rules?

Good question - I am guessing it is the former rather than the latter, but honestly it could be both.

Also, note that those are the special characters, in order, on the keyboard above the letter keys. So perhaps those are considered ‘standard’ characters for most keyboards?