New post deleted

I posted something, that then got merged into an already posted topic (which made sense)

However, that older topic was from 2018, and then i got a message that the topic is closed, and my merged post was then deleted.

so this topic can never be posted about again?

Seems odd

is that intentional (ie certain topics are never to be posted about) or is that an error of design?

Hi @tdg2430i9u,

I believe I was the one who merged your original post as I noticed it was a duplicate of an already existing feature request for secret key/file functionality in Bitwarden.

Typically this is done to keep any related feature requests coalesced, as such any votes from related feature requests are also subsequently merged so a more accurate vote count can be shown.

I am not sure as to why your original was set for deletion. This may have been a new automated task after posts are merged to help keep down the clutter in the forums, but perhaps @dwbit can provide some further insight into this specifically.

Typically most postings are open for discussion, however I believe the particular request in question had to be limited (due in part to some community guidelines not being adhered to) and then closed by the moderators here as it seems to be a_fairly_ contentious subject.

That is not to say that we wish to limit discussion by any means, and for anything feel free to drop your thoughts into the Ask the Community section.

Hope that helps answer any questions
-Cheers :slightly_smiling_face:

thanks, i did not realize the secret key was contentious. sorry about that.

Thanks all, I had turned on a temporary auto-delete new posts for that topic as it was getting a little toxic, but didn’t realize it would nuke all past posts as well, it has been disabled for now.

I was a bit suprised I could not post to that topic, and the links led me here.

So how/when will it be allowed to discuss the “secret key” topic again, currently it is still closed?

I would have expected toxic posts/people to be moderated individually, don’t you think it’s a little harsh to disallow the discussion for everyone else and delete all contributions, good or bad, by association?

Hey, I thought this one was unlocked a while ago, can you try again?

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Thank you, it is indeed unlocked again now! :+1: