New or Optional Monospaced Font


Please consider changing to or adding an optional monospaced font, maybe even just for text fields.

For those who don’t know, Monospaced fonts have equal character spacing making them easier to read and things always align uniformly. I think this is ideal everywhere, but it’s especially noticeable in plaintext notes where formatting options are very limited.

I believe the following examples are licensed under the Open Font License or Apache Licence 2.0:

Roboto Mono
Source Code Pro
IBM Plex Mono
Space Mono
Ubuntu Mono
PT Mono
Nanum Gothic Coding
Fira Mono
Anonymous Pro
Courier Prime
Share Tech Mono
DM Mono
Noto Sans Mono
JetBrains Mono
Cutive Mono
Fira Code
Overpass Mono
Oxygen Mono

Thank you for making this outstandingly well designed and functional tool available to everyone and in beautiful open source. Bless you guys.

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