Monospaced font in notes


We’re testing BW as a replacement for GPG encrypted text files. Text files are currently managed via vim, thus from command line. And we find it very useful to have console monospaced font so we can manually adjust alignment, create rudimentary tables and so on.

BW’s “Private note” is what we would mostly use, but the current implementation has totally no control over the text… It would be great to be able to either use monospaced fonts in textareas OR, probably better for everyone else, add a Markdown editor.

Can you consider either one of the two?

I agree that the secure notes needs more options.

Control over fonts, and markdown editor/viewer would help.

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I swear there is literally no product on the market that has darkmode, (monospace or markdown support), and isn’t electron.

Not only that, but getting only one of those three features is already extremely rare. And I mean anything from google keep alternatives, jira alternatives, password managers, etc…

Very much agree - I use secure notes for various system/server passwords, keys, and other technical information that benefits from a monospace font for readability and alignment.

This is the only part of Bitwarden that leaves me wanting… some basic ability to control the format of all these secure notes I’ve written.

I think that would e a nice to have feature. However, while the current font is not monospaced it is pretty close to it on my computers and I can read it more easily than any monospaced one.

Yes, a monospace font for the notes field would be nice … perhaps a font selection in general, but certainly an option for the notes field would make things easier and would cover a lot of bases. Originally LastPass used a monospace font in the notes field. When they went from version 3 to 4 they changed it. I’m sure it was to make it ‘prettier’. Well that’s great … but I have a password manager for functionality and for just general ASCII formatted notes, a monospace font is wonderful.

Thanks for the consideration.

Monospace fonts (with 0 distinct from o by slash etc) are essential

If sans & monospaced font style could be switched in secure notes, it would be great.